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How to properly prepare your accommodation before a photo shoot or a virtual visit?

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You want to sell or rent a property (short or long term) and you have decided to make a photo shoot or a virtual visit to put the odds on your side.

Congratulations !

Whether your project concerns an appartment, a villa, a castle or any other type of accomodation, what would it be a photo report or a virtual visit whithout having taken particular care in the preparation?

Let's take stock of this non-exhaustive list* :

First of all, it is essential to prepare your accomodation before the arrival of the photographer rather than on his arrival !

This may seem like common sense, but it still happens that housing is not yet ready according to the recommendations provided at the time of the shooting.

The aim of this preparation is to optimize collaboration with the photographer and to ensure quality reporting.

Advices for an optimal shooting :

First of all, prepare your property by putting yourself in the place of the internet user looking for his project. What details appeal to you most? On the contrary, what is unacceptable to you? Would you project yourself in an environment filled with many family photos?

Everything must be thought out so that the photographic result perfectly reflects the proposed property. So do not hesitate to make some minor repairs if the property requires it.

Depersonalize !

Having lived in an accommodation for several years, reflects naturally your taste in decoration. It is important to keep in mind that your personal tastes are not necessarily those of the buyer. To help him imagine himself living in your home, it is important to depersonalize it as much as possible.

To succeed in this first step, you must put away the trinkets, fridge magnets, remove the photos, or any decoration that is too personal, such as a collection of porcelain plates or drawings of our dear children. Your memories do not concern the buyer and the majority of the elements relating to your private life must be stored during the shoot.

Declutter !

If it is true that an overloaded decoration prevents the visitor from projecting himself, the total absence of decoration will potentially have the same effect. By opting for a discreet and efficient layout, you will offer the space necessary for the visitor to imagine themselves living in your accommodation.

Do not hesitate to change the layout of your furniture to more clearly define the different spaces and to make the rooms brighter or larger.

Store and clean.

As a real visit of the property, a big cleaning is necessary inside and outside.

Indoors, dust, wash tiles, floors, worktops, store shoes, coats, remove ALL bathroom products, trash cans, remote controls, etc. Nothing should escape your vigilance, even the toilet seat which must be lowered.

Outside, remember to store all the objects and tools so as to perceive an environment provided with storage. Also make sure your garden is cared for, the lawn mowed and the hedges maintained.

Vehicles, on the other hand, must not appear on the report, and will ideally be parked outside the property.

Details make the difference !

During a visit, we often get hung up on the smallest details. So you can't overlook them ! This is what makes your soul good. Curtains whose grip has fallen, a carpet that is not well centered, the sofa cushions flattened... These little details could have their impact. Make sure each piece of furniture and object is in its place, and add a few decorative pieces to catch the eye of the user.

To enhance a room, sometimes a few simple details are enough, such as installing mirrors, new lamps, a plaid or carpet and making sure that each piece of furniture and object is in its place. If decoration is not your strong point, do not hesitate to call on a professional : he will be able to advise you taking into account your tastes and the latest trends.

Let's enter ... !

The good is almost ready to be shot, there is a detail and not least, THE LIGHT !

Even if we all have different tastes, we can all agree around the fact that the brightness of a place may be the detail that manages to seduce us.

Natural or electric it is essential to take care of this aspect for a warm rendering. Start by checking that all your spotlights and bulbs are in good working order and ideally of the same color temperature for the same room. Then open the curtains wide.

Bet on mirrors! Place them in your living room or in your bedrooms, they will capture daylight as well as that of your lamps or your candles. Mirrors have the double advantage of enlarging the space and increasing the brightness, so do not deprive yourself.

Stay true to the place !

Even if your goal is to trigger the crush of the future buyer or traveler, you still have to stay true to the property. This means that it is important not to hide the faults of the good. You must put it forward so that its potential can be expressed, but you cannot present a false good, which would be very far from reality. If you do not respect this rule, buyers could be very disappointed when they actually visit the property ! Your goal is to highlight it, to achieve the best possible report, without hiding the more negative points, even if the material allows us to capture a piece at (sometimes too) wide angle and retouch the photos, but this theme will be the subject of a future article...

*An exhaustive list is sent to the customer after ordering a photo report or virtual visit

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