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The virtual visit for your shops and restaurants, why not you ?

Dernière mise à jour : 6 avr. 2020

When you have a business or a restaurant, whatever it is, one of the ways to attract more customers, and to diversify your clientele, is to stand out from the competition. For this, it is very important to use innovative tools, which can allow you to develop analytical methods to allow you to better target your customers, meet their needs and vary your proposals. How could virtual tours allow you to develop your business or restaurant ? You will see that these can be major assets to stand out from the competition! !

Before going into more detail on what virtual tours can do for your business, we'll explain what they are. This could greatly benefit your business.

What are virtual tours ?

This name means nothing to you ? However, virtual visit are increasingly used by tradespeople around the world. These tours are carried out with amazing tools, which allow you to take 3D images of the interior of a place. Thanks to these images of very high quality and precision, you can very clearly see the exterior, the interior, the arrangement of spaces and the smallest detail of place. The company that develops these virtual tours is Matterport, and although this service is primarily intended for the tourism or real estate sector, more and more businesses or restaurants want to benefit from it.

Although it is easy to imagine the help that the virtual visit can bring in the context of a property sale, or a search for a vacation rental, less is known about its beneficial effects when it comes to 'a shop. For this reason, we have listed for you the main reasons that could make you want to develop virtual tours for your own business.

Virtual visits, an asset for your customers

The first benefit that your business could derive from these virtual tours is related to customer satisfaction. If your customers benefit from an innovative service that listens to them and that suits them, they will certainly come back very quickly to your shop, or to your restaurant.

To begin, concerning restaurants, these visits made on the internet will save your customers precious time. If they are looking for a specific place for a dinner, or for a particular event, they can simply browse on the internet the places that could meet their search. No need to travel around the city's restaurants ! In this way, they will also be able to get a clear idea of what they will find in the restaurant. What is the decoration, what is the arrangement of the tables, is this a famous place ? Depending on the style of restaurant they are looking for, they will be able to ensure that yours meets their needs, with a simple glance at your virtual tour available thanks to Matterport.

In addition to finding places they like faster, your customers can also book their table directly on the internet. On your virtual visit, you can very simply add a link to your restaurant's website, on which your customers can access all the information that interests them. 

Regarding the shops, once again, your customers will be able to save time by finding your store directly on the internet. In addition to that, thanks to the Mattertags, they will even be able to buy the items that interest them directly on your virtual tour. This is a way for you to reach a wider clientele, which can even cross the barriers of your country !

A new look at your business.

In addition to allowing you to broaden your clientele and stand out from the competition, virtual visits will represent a real asset for your business, because of the data that they can allow you to record. Indeed, you will be able to collect valuable data on the behavior of your customers. Thus, you will benefit from a new look at your business or your restaurant, which will allow you to improve your services.

Among these data, you can very easily count the number of visitors entering your shop. In this way, you can easily determine the main peak hours of your business. These data show you when you will need more staff for your store, or which days are most interesting for your business. You will also be able to see which objects are the most popular with your customers, and thus decide on their arrangement according to their interest.

This innovative tool will also give you the necessary perspective for the launch of your store or restaurant. At home, on your computer, at any time of the day, you can review the opening of your business, and determine what can be improved. Do you not like the color of the walls ? You find that the tables do not go with the coating of your floors ? You can imagine how to decorate or redecorate the place, having an overview of the different rooms. In addition to this, you will be able to see how your customers circulate, and everything that can be done to facilitate travel in your business. If you have a restaurant, this could be a great help to facilitate the service of your servers !

The virtual visit, an innovative tool.

As you can see, if you own a business or a restaurant, virtual tours will have many advantages for you. This new technique is emerging on the retail market, and people who already use this type of visit are won over by its effects. If you want to benefit from it for your business or for your restaurant, you just have to contact me via the contact form. You will inevitably find a positive point in using virtual tours for you and your business !

More and more people are starting to use this type of visit on a daily basis. Will you be the next ?

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